Pope Francis has been discharged and left the Gemelli hospital to return to the Vatican.

“I only felt unwell, but I wasn't afraid,” the Pontiff said outside the hospital. "Tomorrow I will celebrate Palm Sunday," he added.

"I'm still alive," he said again, leaning on a stick but standing. He also indulged in more playful tones with journalists: "Thank you for your service, now I'm going to sleep four days after what you did to me".

Then a very moving moment: he got out of the car and greeted the people present, including a couple of parents who lost their daughter last night , stopping to pray with them.

Yesterday the Pontiff, at the Gemelli Polyclinic, had baptized a newborn rescued the day before by the police . Michelangelo, just 6 days old, had accidentally fallen from the car seat, hitting his head and losing consciousness. Two officers saw the mother in tears and immediately took action to take him to the hospital.


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