Attack in Turin on a State Police patrol that was taking a man of Moroccan origins to a repatriation center in Lombardy to be expelled from Italy. The attack was carried out this afternoon, right in front of the police headquarters in the Piedmontese capital, by a group of autonomists and anarchists who surrounded the police car, tried to open the doors and then kicked and punched it .

Other officers intervened and blocked the attackers, stopping four of them. A policeman was slightly injured in the riots.

With their blitz, the antagonists tried to free the foreigner , who was stopped yesterday evening on the outskirts of Turin where he had daubed the walls of the Corso Grosseto underpass with abusive writings, and was accused of damage. The man had already been convicted 13 times.

When the police car with the Moroccan on board left the courtyard, a large group of antagonists blocked it and hit it. Moments of great tension with the intervention of other officers who accompanied the man back to the police headquarters, stopped some demonstrators and sent the others away. The antagonists' protest then moved to the nearby Piazza XVIII December, in front of the Porta Susa railway station, where some cars in transit were hit and damaged by the demonstrators. Then the autonomists and anarchists - about thirty in total - headed back towards the Police Headquarters, where they lit smoke bombs, unfurled a banner with the words "Fire on the prisons and the CPR" and shouted slogans against the police.

«Unacceptable act of violence», thunders Minister Piantedosi, «symptomatic of the climate of poison and suspicion to which the forces of law and order and the Police are subjected in recent days, to whom I extend my solidarity and closeness» . The Minister of the Interior says he is "disdained" by the episode and assures, "I will do my utmost in every way to affirm the dignity and honor of servants of the State who daily, even putting their safety at risk, contribute to affirming the values of freedom and democracy".

Meanwhile, Silvia Conti, manager of the Mobile department in Florence, has been transferred to Pescara. A "planned rotation", which "has nothing to do" with the students beaten with truncheons last Friday at the pro-Palestine demonstrations in Pisa and Florence , specifies the Department of Public Security.

Silvia Conti, according to what her colleagues report, had no operational role in the management of public order in Florence as in Pisa. The manager of the Mobile Department in fact has an administrative function, he is not part of the chain of command that decided how to intervene on the demonstrators, nor was he in the square where the riots occurred . The director of the Department also provides the teams to the Pisa police station for public order.


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