A holiday that has turned into a nightmare that experienced by a group of young people from an oratory in Brescia who were in the mountains of Bormio (Sondrio). After the first few days, about a hundred people, including carers, began to feel ill with a high fever, vomiting and cough, so much so that the boys, once they returned home, had to go to the emergency room of the Civil Hospitals of Brescia.

For all an antibiotic, since the fear was that it was legionella, the Covid swabs tested negative.

The Mountain Ats, which immediately activated, excluded food poisoning, since the meals were cooked by the mothers of the boys, who also took care of the shopping. "We have ordered the water test, it will take ten days to know the results - the Ats said - but we think it is unlikely it is legionella, since the groups that have been in the structure previously have not had any problems. cause of sudden illness can be linked to a strong temperature change after violent thunderstorms in the area ".

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