Missing for a week in the mountains of Pulfero, in Friuli, a 31-year-old hiker was found alive. Nobody hoped for it anymore but the man managed to survive for seven long days while various forces in the field searched for him.

Gianpaolo Baggio had gone out last Saturday to take the Palma ferrata, on Mount Matajur: it is a steep path in the middle of the woods on the wildest and steepest side of the mountain, but he had not returned. His car had been spotted two days later, it was parked in Stupizza, where the excursion starts.

For a week, hundreds of people searched for him, including technicians from Cnsas Fvg, the Fire Brigade, the Financial Police and the Carabinieri. The support and intervention of rescuers from neighboring Slovenia was also requested, helicopters and drones were used.

A little while ago the good news, the 31-year-old from Torreano (Udine) was spotted by the fire brigade helicopter right above the Palma ferrata, recovery is underway with the regional helicopter rescue.

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