A trans woman allegedly tried to harass children at a school entrance . So 4 officers , who arrived on the spot, would have tried to block her with batons and pepper spray .

It happened this morning in Milan. The video of the incident , shot by a group of Bocconi University students, shows only the final part of the police intervention. The video, uploaded to the web, has sparked the anger and concern of users.

According to reports from Daniele Vincini of the Sulpl union, the policemen were called at 8.15 by the parents of a school because the woman, partially undressed, was harassing the children at the entrance and screaming that she had AIDS. Here the men of the Locale «were able to put her, with difficulty, on the car with a containment cell, where she began to butt heads and pretended to faint. When the agents did the checks, he attacked them" to escape. And then it was blocked.

«It seems to me a really serious fact», commented the mayor of Milan, Giuseppe Sala . «It is certainly not a beautiful image, in fact it is a serious fact. However, in order to formally intervene, it is necessary for the local police to make a report, pending this report, the policemen in question have been placed in internal services – he added -. Then in the light of the result of the report, two things can be done: take measures such as suspension or even get to make a complaint, something not excluded, on our part to the judicial authority".


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