A fifty-two-year-old was arrested on charges of attempted murder in Milan after pushing a girl who was on the subway platform, causing her to fall onto the tracks. At that moment no convoy was arriving and the young woman escaped unharmed.

It happened yesterday late in the evening in the M2 station of Lambrate, just before 11pm, when the man, in a strong state of agitation, began to pick on a couple of young people, ending up pushing her, a 25-year-old, causing her to fall from the platform On Tracks.

Immediately helped by her boyfriend and by those present, who brought her back up, the girl was treated in the emergency room of the Fatebenefratelli hospital and immediately discharged. Then the police were called who stopped him and arrested him.

Now the man, of Dominican origin and with a criminal record, is in the San Vittore prison awaiting the validation interrogation and evaluations by the judicial authorities.


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