The life sentence has been annulled for Pasquale Concas, the warehouse worker originally from Villagrande Strisaili and resident in Tortolì, 54 years old, who had been sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of the lawyer Elena Morandi , found dead in 2017 in Modena in her home after a fire; the woman was 56 years old.

According to the Court of Cassation, which annulled the second degree sentence, the trial must be redone and the documents have been sent back to the Court of Appeal of Bologna for a new judgement.

The news was reported by Resto del Carlino of Modena.

Concas is already in prison for the murder of the prostitute Arietta Mata, 24 years old, killed in Gaggio di Castelfranco at the beginning of 2018 . In 1994 he killed another woman, in Olbia. The investigations into all three crimes indicated robbery as the motive.

The defense lawyer, Alessandro Betti, appealed against the life sentence: «I express satisfaction at the fact that what really happened has been verified, in particular the alternative hypothesis of a tragic fatality . The appeal sentence did not deal with the alternative hypothesis that it was not an intentional homicide, but that the death was linked to accidental causes. Furthermore, in my opinion - concludes Betti - there is no compatibility between the burns found and the dynamics described".


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