Stunned with a drugged muffin , then assaulted and then choked with a plastic bag over her head.

Thus died Laura Ziliani , the ex-vigilante of Temù, in Bresciano, killed for the inheritance of her daughters Paola and Silvia Zani and by Mirto Milani , Silvia's boyfriend.

This was told by Mirto Milani's former cellmate, who had collected the man's confession and then collaborated by favoring environmental wiretapping in the Brescia prison which - once the investigations were concluded - was forced to confess .

The man decided to collaborate " for an ethical question ", because "what those three did is monstrous".

The chilling tale of the murder: “Mirto told me that that evening he, Paola and Silvia prepare muffins and fill the one intended for Laura with benzodiazepines . She eats it but doesn't collapse in the first 10 minutes as expected, she had a strong physique. Nothing seems to happen to Ziliani and she goes to bed, but at a certain point she goes to the kitchen to get a drink from the refrigerator. At that point Silvia's fury takes hold of her mother from behind, Laura falls on her daughter but Paola jumps on top of her to hold her still. But the mother does not die, so with Mirto they put the plastic bag on her head and close it with a tape and a portion of extension ”.

Mirto Milani, the detainee added, "told me that there is a doubt that she was buried alive , they weren't sure, Laura had long convulsions".

Ziliani was killed on May 8 a year ago, the body found three months later near the Oglio River. After Milani's confession, Paola and Silvia Zani, the two daughters of the former security guard, also confessed to the crime.

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