The police have reported a youtuber for instigating the suicide of a fourteen-year-old girl. His channel has been blocked.

In particular, the men of the operational section for Cybernetic Security of the Postal Police of Ravenna and Bologna, coordinated by the Prosecutor of the Republic of Ravenna and the Postal and Communications Police Service, identified and reported a young youtuber from Vicenza held responsible for having uploaded some videos inciting suicide.

The story began when the parents of a minor turned to the police force saying that the girl, after watching a video on Youtube, had attempted suicide.

The investigations made it possible to identify the owner of the social channel, allegedly responsible for disseminating the video, as well as, following a search ordered against him by the Ravenna judicial authorities, to acquire useful elements to ascertain his responsibilities in relation to the crime of instigation to suicide.

The video was titled "9 ways to commit suicide". The user, nickname "Creepy Ryan", was active on Youtube and very popular on the net: he had published about fifty productions with "creepypasta" content, i.e. stories created ad hoc to impress the public and get the largest number of followers. characterized by the brevity of the story and the ability to excite the users. The phenomenon, relatively recent, is spread through websites, blogs, forums and other social platforms. The channel and video were seized.


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