Earthquake at the Cesare Beccaria juvenile prison in Milan: 13 penitentiary police officers , of which 12 are still on duty in the facility, were arrested this morning at dawn by the police. Another 8 were suspended from service.

The accusations contested in various ways are very serious: mistreatment of minors, torture, abuse of power and, finally, attempted sexual violence by an officer against a minor prisoner.

All crimes that would have been committed starting from 2022.

The investigation, which started from some reports received by the detainees' guarantor, made use of wiretaps and the acquisition of images from the cameras inside the institute , which made it possible to collect "indications of crime" in relation to "several episodes of violence against of minors".

A dozen victims: «What struck us from the first moment was the method of these people deviated from the system, who beat the boys with a method that left no mark and the boys pinched themselves to leave bruises on the blows received », said the deputy prosecutor of Milan Letizia Mannella in the press conference, defining the agents as «rotten apples».

The young people, reported prosecutor Cecilia Vassena, were beaten while they were handcuffed, "with the handcuffs behind their backs so as to make any defense impossible" .

" A painful affair and a bad page for the institutions, but control of legality and respect for the law must be ensured ," said Milan prosecutor Marcello Viola.


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