The operation of the Guardia di Finanza of Naples and Bologna arrives as far as Sardinia, seizing the vast movable and real estate assets in the name of an entrepreneur held responsible for laundering large sums of money on behalf of various clans of the Camorra.

The measures were issued against 65-year-old Antonio Passarelli, who is currently under house arrest. For the investigators, he had become a real catalyst for the interests of the "Puca", "Di Lauro", "Scissionisti", "Mallardo", "Verde" and "Perfetto" clans in various commercial sectors , first of all precisely that of the real estate investments.

The Fiamme Gialle have sealed 12 companies, 16 vehicles, 37 financial relationships and 639 buildings and land, in the provinces of Sassari, Naples, Benevento, Caserta, Bologna, Ravenna, Latina. The total value exceeds 290 million euros.

Furthermore, the entrepreneur and his family would not have declared the existence of any income between 1993 and 2021 in spite of the impressive financial availability, the company shares and the vast real estate assets found in their availability.

IN SARDINIASix villas in Porto Pollo (Palau) with a total value of 2.6 million euros were seized on the island.

The apartments refer to purchases registered in 1998 and four are registered to Teresa Gervasio, 63, Passerelli's wife, and two to their son Pasquale, 45. The houses, in a prestigious tourist area, were bought at the time for a paltry sum, just over 150 thousand euros.


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