Tragedy in the night in Lecco, where an 86-year-old man, Umberto Antonello, killed his elderly wife , his age, by strangling her.

As it turns out, the wife was ill and needed assistance.

The murder took place in via dell'Eremo, in the upper part of the city , near the hospital.

After killing his wife , the 86-year-old called his son to tell him what he had done and from there the alarm went off. The police forces are investigating the incident, coordinated by the Lecco prosecutor's office.

Investigations underway in Lecco also for the discovery , this morning, of a woman's body .

The body was found lying inside a fiat Panda, on the back seats.

The car was in Rivabella and was on a beach, with the front wheels in the water.

The body would belong to a 40 -year-old whose identity is still being investigated.

The police are trying to trace the causes of the woman's death and at the moment they are not ruling out some hypotheses.


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