«It takes courage to decide on this case, it is a case that shakes consciences. We must have the courage to say that it was a murder, that a son killed his father".

The pg Alessandro Aghemo continues his battle and calls for a 14-year prison sentence for Alex Pompa, the young man who on April 30, 2020 in Collegno (Turin), stabbed his father Giuseppe, 52, to defend his mother in the course of yet another quarrel in the family. Alex had been acquitted in self-defense in the first instance, now the trial is being held in the Assize Court of Appeal and the request is formulated by the same magistrate who had supported the accusation in the first instance, asking for the same sentence for the boy .

Giuseppe Pompa, the prosecutor acknowledged, was a "violent, obsessive, aggressive man, but he never went from threats to deeds". According to the magistrate there was no self-defense: «Alex acted in advance, armed himself and hit an unarmed person, delivering the first of 34 blows to the back. Alex didn't defend himself, he attacked."

On the evening of the crime, when the mother returned home, yet another quarrel with her husband started. In very heated tones, he accused her of having smiled at a colleague. And Alex, now 19, claims to have acted in defense: "To defend me, my mother and my brother, my father was going to the kitchen to get a knife, I anticipated him," he said when he turned himself in.

For the prosecutor, however, the young man was only exhausted by the family situation, "exasperated by years of violence and ill-treatment", but the victim, despite having a "violent and aggressive attitude, never went beyond threats".

On April 12, the word to the defense, then the sentence.


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