A man was stabbed to death and three others were injured in the historic center of Caltanissetta. According to the first reconstructions , the reason for the dispute involving the four would have been a "heavy" appreciation addressed to a girl . The attack took place in via San Domenico, in the heart of the historic centre, near a tavern. After the comment, spirits would have turned on, and the group from words moved on to blades.

Marcello Tortorici, 51, didn't make it. He died shortly after being admitted to the Sant'Elia hospital from a blow to the throat. When the carabinieri arrived he was still in agony while his brother was on the ground with leg wounds.

The other two went directly to the "Guccione" barracks in Viale Regina Margherita. One, more seriously injured, had a cut on the chest , just under the armpit while the other suffered minor injuries .

The military, working to reconstruct the dynamics, questioned the three men involved while the people who were in the neighborhood did not provide any testimony on what happened.

On the road, the men of the Scientific Investigations Team , who are carrying out the surveys, found blood and one of the knives used by the four .


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