A tragedy that "could certainly have been avoided", because the boy "shouldn't have gone out of office and instead went out".

This was stated by Angela, aunt of Giuseppe Lenoci, the 16-year-old from Monte Urano (Fermo) who died yesterday in a road accident during an internship with the thermo-hydraulic company Termoservicegas of Fermo, which he carried out as part of attendance at the Artigianelli Training Center in Fermo.

Mother Francesca, in tears, doesn't feel like talking. Giuseppe's parents and little brother are shocked by what happened. The aunt speaks: “The exit from the company was absolutely not foreseen, so the tragedy could have been avoided. Now the lawyers are updating us gradually. It was not foreseen but they are still investigating, I would not like that a permit had been made that day, but we do not know and we are waiting ".

“Giuseppe - still remembers his aunt - went to school with love, he liked him. This week or next should have been the last internship, next summer he would have graduated. I hope it becomes clear, it is clear that my nephew will never come back but we need to clarify ”.

The carabinieri are investigating the matter. Several vans parked in front of the headquarters of the Termoservicegas company like the one on which Giuseppe and the 37-year-old driver, now hospitalized, were traveling: silence from the company in front of the request to talk about the story.

“It's not fair, not just for my nephew, the other guy too. I don't know how fast my nephew was going to die ... ". This is instead the anger of Anna, Giuseppe Lenoci's paternal grandmother.

“He was sweet, an angel, he liked work so much - he says -. I talked to him last week. He had dropped out of school and I told him I didn't want to: 'you'll regret it, now for any job you need a diploma, you have to go to school'. He said to me 'yes grandmother' but he was too fond of work ".

The boy's funeral will be held in Monte Urano next Thursday at 10:30.

THE INQUIRY - Meanwhile, the Public Prosecutor of Ancona has announced that it will open a file for road murder. The prosecutor Serena Bizzarri is still awaiting the report of the carabinieri on the incident and at the moment she does not intend to ask for an autopsy. The magistrate did not pronounce, but he should proceed against the driver of the company van who went off the road, a 37-year-old employee of the company who was injured.

THE MINISTER - “All my closeness as a father but it was not school-work alternation: Giuseppe was doing a three-year professional training course, the review must be done but the Regions must be involved. Alternation between school and work is one thing and vocational training is another thing: we must review the system for education outside schools and vocational training centers. There must be an educational path and an educational path with experiences outside the school but it cannot be a substitute for work, the educational relationship must prevail ”, said Education Minister Patrizio Bianchi on Mattino Cinque.

“In many regions - he added - we have 25-30% of children who are missing during school. Vocational training is also a powerful tool for reducing dispersion, but it is necessary to emphasize the educational and training part ".

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