Piero Fassino was reported for attempted theft after being stopped at the duty free shop at Fiumicino airport with perfume in his jacket pocket.

"Fatto Quotidiano" talks about it, which also interviewed the Democratic MP, parliamentarian for seven legislatures, Minister of Justice from 2000 to 2001, secretary of the Democratic Party and mayor of Turin for five years from 2011 to 2016.

The facts date back to the morning of 15 April: Fassino had to leave for Strasbourg, after passing the checks he stopped at the duty free and took a 100 euro women's perfume as a gift to his wife.

«The cell phone rang – says the deputy – and with the trolley in one hand and the phone in the other I placed the perfume package in the pocket of my jacket ».

And this is where the discrepancy emerges. According to the newspaper, Fassino would have walked away beyond the cash registers, triggering the anti-shoplifting alarm. According to what Fassino reported, however, this would not have happened, and it would have been the simple gesture of putting perfume in his pocket that led the security guard to stop him .

A discussion arose, heartfelt but polite and civil, in which the deputy explained that he had no intention of stealing the product, and indeed he would also have asked to pay for it and to have two appear to demonstrate his good faith. Nothing to be done, the duty free managers have filed a complaint .

Fassino's words: «I am amazed by an episode that I thought I had already clarified with those responsible. Last Monday, before boarding, I stopped by the Duty Free in Fiumicino to buy a perfume for my wife. With the trolley in one hand and the mobile phone in the other, not having three hands yet, I simply placed the perfume package in the pocket of my jacket, waiting to go to the checkout. At that moment a security officer approached me and challenged me about that act, reporting it to a police officer. I have never appropriated anything in my life. And I certainly didn't intend to misappropriate a small bottle of perfume that I would have liked to pay for ."


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