Over 2 million euros were seized by the Turin Finance Police from a Maltese bookmaker which has been operating in Italy in the betting collection sector since 2016, completely evading taxes.

The "Hidden Bet " operation started in June 2021 and made it possible to identify a betting center specialized in sporting events, horse racing and virtual games which would have acted covertly through numerous bet points, located throughout the national territory, which dealt, as sole agents, of the "physical" collection of bets , making their web portals available, assuming, in part, the business risk against the recognition of a percentage on services.

By examining the documentation, the Fiamme Gialle examined the thousands of transactions relating to the bets acquired by Sogei SpA, amounting to over 60,000,000 euros , quantifying the proceeds that the bookmaker would have received equal to over 8,000,000 euros, generating an evaded tax that exceeds 2,000,000 euros.


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