The Como police are proceeding with two separate investigations against Omar Querenzi , 33, from Albiolo (Como), arrested yesterday for attempted murder after attacking and injuring two passers-by with shards of bottles in the city, and suspected of having killed with in the same way a homeless man , Giovanni Mazza, 76, from Sondrio, found lifeless in his car with a throat wound and holding a shard of a bottle.

While on the one hand there was the recognition of Querenzi as the perpetrator of the attack on an eight-year-old child and a 23-year-old young Salvadoran , the first slightly injured, the second medicated with a 20-day prognosis, on the other hand he did not there is still evidence that the 33-year-old, with drug addiction problems, hit and killed the elderly homeless man.

For this reason , at the moment the two investigations are formally separate , even if the clues and the sequence of events make Querenzi suspected of the murder.

The man allegedly became the protagonist, according to the hypotheses, of a crazy punitive expedition towards people essentially chosen at random, whom he approached with the excuse of asking for information and then hit with shards of glass.

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