The values of the incidence of Covid-19 cases and also of the Rt transmissibility index are still rising at the national level, which returns above the epidemic threshold of the unit.

The weekly incidence at national level reaches 388 per 100,000 inhabitants (November 18-24) against 353 per 100,000 in the previous week (November 11-17).

In the period 2-15 November, the average Rt calculated on symptomatic cases was instead equal to 1.04 (range 0.80-1.31), an increase compared to the previous week - when it was 0.88 - and higher to the epidemic threshold. This is highlighted by the weekly monitoring of the ISS-Ministry of Health.

The value of the transmissibility index Rt had not exceeded the epidemic threshold of unity - which indicates a level of greater diffusion of the Covid-19 epidemic - for about a month . On 28 October it was in fact equal to 1.11, above the threshold, to then drop the following week, on 4 November, to a value below the threshold of 0.95.

The Regions that record an occupation of ordinary hospital wards by Covid patients above the alert threshold set at 15% increase from 3 to 5 this week.

They are Emilia Romagna (15.3%), Liguria (20.6%), Marche (15.5%), Umbria (31.3%), Valle d'Aosta (19.4%). Compared to the incidence of cases, the Region that records the highest value is, once again this week, Veneto with 694.9 cases each

100 thousand inhabitants. Emilia Romagna follows with 521.5.


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