The Brescia prosecutor's office has asked the Court of Ministers to close the investigation against the former premier Giuseppe Conte and the former health minister Roberto Speranza who ended up under investigation for the management of the first wave of Covid in the Bergamo area. This is learned from legal sources.

From what has been known, the Public Prosecutor's Office has filed the reasoned request for dismissal, about one

week ago.

The conclusions of the Brescia prosecutors came after Conte and Speranza were heard by the judges on 10 May. During their examination, they reconstructed, explained and clarified the reasons for their decisions for which they have now been investigated, with 17 others (all transferred for functional jurisdiction to the Court of Ministers), in the investigation by the Bergamo Public Prosecutor's Office for the failure to establish a red zone to isolate the municipalities of Nembro and Alzano Lombardo and for the non-application of the pandemic plan which, although dated 2006, could limit the damage and save many lives for the judiciary. For them the charges are culpable epidemic and multiple manslaughter.

Conte and Speranza, through their lawyers, also filed a brief and Speranza in a sort of spontaneous declaration reiterated the non-involvement of each charge, stating that they had not applied the 2006 pandemic plan as the entire scientific community believed to be totally ineffective for fighting the coronavirus. Even if at the time "all measures were taken, starting with the blocking of flights from China - these are the ex-minister's words in summary - and Italy was the first to adopt measures together with the United States and Israel, immediately after the emergency healthcare".


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