Leap of Covid cases in Italy, with the incidence reaching 325 per 100 thousand inhabitants in one week. The previous figure was equal to 215. The transmissibility index also went up , passing from 0.91 to 1. This is what the weekly monitoring of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità reports.

The employment rate in intensive care is stable at 1.4% (Ministry of Health daily survey as of 29 September).

The employment rate in medical areas at the national level, on the other hand, rises to 6% (daily survey by the Ministry of Health on 29 September) against 5.3% (daily survey on 22 September).

It is since last July that the transmissibility index Rt did not reach the epidemic threshold of the unit, a value recorded this week in the ISS-Ministry of Health monitoring.

In the period 6 - 19 July 2022, the RT reached an average value calculated on symptomatic cases of 1.03 (range 1.02-1.04), a decrease compared to the previous week. The following week, the value of Rt fell again to stand at 0.90.

The percentage of cases detected through contact tracing activity is stable compared to the previous week (11%), while the percentage of cases detected through the appearance of symptoms is slightly increasing (54% versus 53%).

The percentage of cases diagnosed through screening activities slightly decreased (35% against 36%).

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