They threatened and blocked her boyfriend , then gang raped her. A thirteen-year-old is attacked in the municipal gardens of Villa Bellini in Catania by seven people . According to what has been learned, the District and Juvenile Prosecutor's Offices have already ordered and had the Carabinieri arrest six suspects, a seventh is untraceable.

They would all be Egyptians and three of them would not be adults . From the reconstructions it emerged that the young woman was raped by two boys, while the other five looked on. The thirteen-year-old was at the park with her boyfriend, who had been removed from the pack before the abuse. She was rescued by some passers-by: she collapsed to the ground due to the violence she suffered, crying from the pain and shock, with her boyfriend, who was also in tears.

Two investigations were opened into the incident and arrests were issued by the District Attorney's Office.


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