The Court of Assizes of Brescia sentenced Giacomo Bozzoli to life imprisonment in the first instance for the murder and destruction of the body of his uncle Mario , the entrepreneur from Brescia who vanished into thin air on 8 October 2015 from his foundry in Marcheno, in Valtrompia in the Brescia area.

The request for a life sentence made by the prosecutors was therefore accepted. The defense, on the other hand, had asked for acquittal for lack of evidence. The sentence was read by the President of the Court Roberto Spanò after more than 10 hours in the Council Chamber.

Bozzoli, the only accused in the murder of his uncle Mario, “is a violent and abuser . He hated his uncle and wanted to kill him, he had been planning his death for years in the smallest details and for us Mario Bozzoli was killed beyond a reasonable doubt by his nephew Giacomo Bozzoli in the foundry oven ", prosecutors Silvio Bonfigli and Marco Martani said in the indictment. .

According to the accusations, Bozzoli would have " destroyed or otherwise suppressed the corpse " of his uncle "even with the collaboration of third parties, on the surface of a bath of molten metal in the large furnace of the Bozzoli srl foundry until it was carbonized and incinerated, or transporting it out of the Bozzoli srl factory and making it permanently lose its traces ".

Accomplice of Giacomo Bozzoli, according to the prosecutor, was Giuseppe Ghirardini , in charge of the large furnace of the foundry, “who then took his own life. His was a talking suicide: he committed suicide for helping Giacomo to kill Mario Bozzoli and he did it when he realized he was the weak link. He wasn't depressed, he lived waiting to see his son again. He had no reason. "

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