Bad adventure for the well-known Sassari lawyer Ivano Iai , robbed of his watch last night in Milan . "I was crossing - reports the lawyer, also president of the Conservatory of the Turrian capital and former defender of Cardinal Angelo Becciu - the square in front of the station when a non-EU boy approached me and extended his hand".

Iai thinks of a friendly approach but the other instead “immobilizes my arm and takes off the watch which for me had an enormous emotional and economic value ”.

The episode leads the lawyer to make a series of reflections: “What struck me is the hostile gesture in response to my good faith , an act that will change my way of doing. And I wonder if this person will realize how much harm he has done to his community which, I am sure, is made up of honest and fair people ”.

At this point, do you review your guaranteed positions on immigration? “I have always believed - continues the professor of criminal procedure - that the human person, by natural law, should not be limited by borders. Today I just think that greater regulation is needed in this regard and that the procedure for verifying asylum seekers needs to be accelerated ”.

Meanwhile, Ivano Iai, among other things an advocate of restorative justice and who spoke on this issue during the recent visit to Sassari by the Minister of Justice Marta Cartabia, thanks the work of the carabinieri committed to trying to recover the watch.

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