A 36-year-old enrolled at the university for 18 years without ever being able to graduate, now the Court of Naples has accepted the request of the student's father to suspend the disbursement of the maintenance allowance.

The woman is enrolled in the Faculty of Medicine: according to judge Carla Huber, "taking into account the age of the daughter, the time elapsed since enrolling at the university, the content of the documentation on the course of studies, the grant must be suspended of the principle of self-responsibility ". Also taking into account that “at least double the time foreseen for the degree course has already elapsed”.

The father of the aging student has separated from his wife for several years. The couple's daughter, enrolled in Medicine in 2006, has so far been able to benefit from 300 euros per month , her father has also bought her an apartment.

The 36-year-old justified herself by saying that she was unable to graduate because she is " depressed ", but nothing helped, no more maintenance allowance for her.

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