He had his arms and legs amputated following an (incorrect) diagnosis of cancer and after a long medical ordeal.

Anna Leonori, 46 years old, from Terni, has for years started a legal dispute with the various health structures that dealt with her case, the Santa Maria hospital in Terni, the Regina Elena hospital in Rome and the Ausl Romagna.

It all started in 2014 with the diagnosis of a malignant tumor. Operated in Rome, her uterus, ovaries, 40 lymph nodes and bladder were removed and replaced with an orthotopic one. Only later did the histological examination overturn the first hypotheses, revealing that she was not suffering from a tumor . But it was only the beginning of the nightmare, between infections, fever and acute generalized peritonitis caused by the perforation of the bladder. Which then led to the amputation of the limbs.

There is a "judicial process still open" , specifies the hospital of the Umbrian city, one of those involved, saying it is "certain of the correctness of the work of its doctors". The Company "deems it necessary to underline that the judicial process, still open, will define any responsibilities attributable to the various hospital structures that have treated the lady".

The champion Bebe Vio also took care of the matter and helped Leonori in choosing the prostheses, purchased thanks to the fundraising of voluntary associations and private individuals . For a year, Leonori, says Il Messaggero, has been using them thanks to the advice of Bebe Vio. «You will learn to move from one place to another and in the suitcases you will have only the prostheses. You will lead a life that is as close to normal as possible,” the Paralympic athlete told her. "I am well aware that I will no longer have autonomy - says Leonori - but they have given me back a minimum of dignity in everyday life".

«It is not a whim – he said again – the need to have compensation for what I have suffered. I live every day with the worry that a piece might break, which would force me back into a wheelchair."


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