«Fifty years have passed since the cowardly attack in Piazza della Loggia which killed eight people and injured 102 , some seriously and with permanent injuries. Today the Italian Republic is Brescia, it is Piazza della Loggia, it is this theatre, with the presence and involvement of many people", said the President of the Republic in Brescia on the occasion of the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Piazza della Loggia massacre.

Sergio Mattarella 's arrival was greeted with long applause.

«What goes from the Piazza Fontana massacre in 1969, to that of Bologna in 1980, the largest massacre of neo-fascist terrorism, and again, in 1984, again in San Benedetto Val di Sambro, was an impressive sequence of bloody events , linked by the single thread of black subversion and all characterized by a difficult search for historical and judicial truth, hindered by unacceptable misdirections, errors and inefficiencies . But the desire for truth and justice has not stopped", said the Head of State.

Mattarella praises Brescia's response to the intimidation, which was "clear, compact, determined and represented an example for the whole country".

The Head of State, hoping that "new pieces" will soon be added to the story, recalls the "unacceptable misdirections" and underlines that "the intent of the attackers was to punish and terrorize those who demonstrated against neo-fascism and in favor of democracy" .

Mattarella lashes out against the pieces of state, but does not forget to underline that in the end the Republic won: « Accomplices and colluders, strategists of death, do not represent the State, but a very serious threat against the Republic . They betrayed Italy. They plotted in the shadows against their people and their country. Faced with the violent war of opposing terrorisms - black and red - which - in that season of blood and bitter international conflicts - tried to overthrow the Republic and its democracy, we can say today, with certainty, that the State, the Republic , its people, with its authentic, loyal servants."

And today, he concludes, «the only way to worthily remember the martyrs is to reject and isolate the preachers of hate, the operators of mystification, the sowers of discord . To claim and live the principles and values on which our Constitution is based, to work constantly for the unity of the Italian people, for the spread of freedom and rights, for an international framework that ensures peace in justice."


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