A 15-month-old boy was bitten by two pit bulls in Eboli (Salerno) this morning and died from his injuries.

The attack took place in the square in front of a two-storey house , the mother tried to intervene to defend the child but was in turn attacked. Injured, her life is not in danger.

According to an initial reconstruction , the child was in his mother's arms when, leaving the house, the two dogs bit him, literally tearing him from the arms of the woman , who was injured and treated on the spot.

The molossians are reportedly owned by family friends , who no longer live there with the couple (Italian mother, foreign father) but have left the dogs behind.

118, who arrived on site with an ambulance, could only confirm his death. The police also intervened.

" Maybe the dogs thought the child was a danger because they had never seen him ," Milena Santoro, the sister of the mother of the child bitten and killed by the two pit bulls, told journalists. «They didn't know the little one because when he went out, they were closed . Maybe they ran out of the room when they saw him. They belonged to a friend of mine who lives here. We knew them, but they never threw themselves at us."

The animals will be taken care of by the veterinary service, explained the mayor of Eboli Mario Conte, speaking of "a tragedy that has shocked the whole community". And that «must be a warning to those who own these dogs who are unfortunately particular, with particular needs. Anyone who has these dogs must be very careful ,” he underlined.


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