After the capture of Severodonetsk, Russian forces continue to hammer the twin city of Lysychansk, the last Ukrainian stronghold in Lugansk oblast , in an attempt to clear the way to Sloviansk and Kramatorsk, Donetsk, and conquer the whole of Donbass.

" Lysychansk is ours! We are in the center ", exults the Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov, ally of Vladimir Putin, who however had also announced the fall of Severodontesk several weeks before it really happened.

For its part, Kiev denies and speaks of harsh clashes , while according to the latest report by the British 007 in Lysychansk the Russian forces are making "small progress", with air and artillery attacks, and the Ukrainian forces probably continue to block Russian troops in the southeastern suburb of the city.

"On the last day the occupiers opened fire with all kinds of weapons available - said the governor of Lugansk Sergey Gaidai -. The houses in the attacked villages are burning one by one. With such a high density of bombings, we only have time to recover the wounded and to eliminate fires on a large scale ".

In the evening, however, the military spokesman for the self-proclaimed republic reported that the building of the city administration in Lysychansk is now under the control of the pro-Russian militias of Lugansk and of the troops of Moscow . "The administration of the city of Lysychansk is under full control of the Sixth Motorized Regiment of Cossack Guards, named after Matvei Platov, and the allied forces of the Russian army," says Andrei Marochko.

Also targeted is Sloviansk , where the Russians have dropped cluster bombs, and on the Sumy region, where according to state authorities at least 270 missiles have rained in the last 24 hours .

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The day by the hour:

Filorussi: "Taken the administration building in Lysychansk"

The Lysychansk City Administration Building is now under the control of the pro-Russian Lugansk militias and Moscow troops. This was reported by the military spokesman of the LPR, the self-proclaimed republic of the region, Andrei Marochko, to Interfax. "The administration of the city of Lysychansk is under full control of the Sixth Motorized Regiment of Cossack Guards, named after Matvei Platov, and the allied forces of the Russian army," said Marochko.


Minsk: "Russian raid attempted on our military facilities"

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said the Ukrainian military attempted to hit Belarusian military facilities several days ago, but that the missiles were shot down. This was reported by the Russian agency Tass.


Kiev: "Island of the Snakes cleaned up"

The Ukrainian Armed Forces "helped" the Russian occupiers to completely evacuate the remains of their garrison from the Ukrainian Snake Island. This was announced by the commander-in-chief of the Ukrainian armed forces, Valeriy Zaluzhny, in a post on Facebook, reports Ukrinform.

"With yesterday's air strikes, the Russians tried to destroy their equipment, weapons and property on the island, but they did not complete their task to the end. We 'helped' the invaders to completely evacuate the remains of the island. their garrison from our island ", assured the commander in chief. "There is no longer a shadow of a Russian there," he added.


Raid on Pavlohrad

Russian forces launched a missile attack on the Ukrainian city of Pavlohrad in the Dnipropetrovsk region. Ukrinform reports it. This was announced by the city council. "An air strike hit Pavlohrad. The services are working," the statement read. The city council asked citizens to post photos and videos of the explosion on the web, urging them to wait for official information.


Kiev: "Lysychansk is not in Russian hands"

"Lysychansk is not in Russian hands. The fighting is raging. Fortunately, the city is not surrounded and is under the control of the Ukrainian army," Ruslan Muzychuk, spokesman for the Ukrainian National Guard, told Ukrainian television.


Kiev: "Near Lysychansk the houses are burning one after the other"

"The private houses in the attacked villages are burning down one by one. With such a high density of shelling, we only have time to recover the wounded. Simultaneous fires in several places. We barely have time to eliminate the large-scale fires in Lysychansk. ". Thus the governor of Lugansk Sergei Gaidai on Telegram, as reported by the Guardian, describes the situation in and around Lysychansk where today the Russian forces launched the final offensive.

Kiev also claims that the city is still not under Russian control.


Filorussi: "We are in the center of Lysychansk"

New update of the pro-Russian forces on the ongoing battle in Lysychansk, the twin city of Severodonetsk remained the last outpost for the occupation of Lugansk. "The units of the allied forces are in the center of Lysychansk," said Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov quoted by Interfax.


In 24 hours 270 missiles over the city of Sumy

In the Sumy region of north-eastern Ukraine, about 270 missiles of various calibers have been fired in the last 24 hours. This was reported by the regional governor, Dmytro Zhivytsky, as reported by the Ukrainian media. The attacks resulted in the wounding of a 64-year-old woman in the Shalyginsk area. "There is also damage to infrastructure: civilian homes, farms, power grids and a water tower," the governor explained.


The Russians surround the city of Lysychansk

“The city of Lysychansk in eastern Ukraine is completely surrounded. A large-scale offensive will soon begin. "This was stated by Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov quoted by Interfax.


Kiev, Russian ammunition depot hit, gigantic explosion

The Ukrainian army hit a Russian ammunition warehouse in Donbass, there was a gigantic explosion, most likely there was a large amount of shells in the warehouse. This was announced by the Ukrainian General Staff by relaunching a video of the explosion. Unian reports it. The warehouse was destroyed, it was located in Popasnaya. The video initially shows a small column of smoke in the impact area and after ten seconds a colossal detonation of ammunition. After the explosion, huge clouds of dust and smoke formed, which rose for tens of meters.


Kiev, killed 35,870 Russian soldiers so far

The Armed Forces of Ukraine have so far eliminated 35,870 Russian invaders and destroyed 1,582 tanks and 800 artillery systems. This was claimed by the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces on Facebook, as reported by Ukrainska Pravda.


Moscow, Chief of Staff Gerasimov inspects troops in Ukraine

Chief of Staff of the Russian Armed Forces Valery Gerasimov inspected the forces engaged in Ukraine. This was announced by the Russian Defense Ministry, as reported by Interfax. "General Valery Gerasimov listened to the reports of the commanders on the use of troops in the objectives of the special military operation and the reports of other officers on support for the actions of Russian troops in various sectors," the ministry said without adding details.


Cluster bombs on Sloviansk, 4 dead

The Russians dropped cluster bombs on Sloviansk, Donetsk, killing 4 people and injuring 7 others. This was announced by the head of the military-civil administration of the city of Sloviansk, Vadym Lyakh, on his Facebook page, as reported by UNIAN. "The Lymany microdistrict - he says - was targeted. Barvinkivska, Pidhirna, Danylevsky Street. A peaceful private sector where there are no military facilities. As a result, four people died and seven were injured. Sloviansk was hit with Cluster bullets. They open above the head, like fireworks, but instead of beauty, they bring death. Such bullets do not cause total destruction of buildings. But they are very dangerous for people. 90% of people killed and injuries was on the street ". Lyakh urged the residents of the city not to leave their homes "without urgent needs and to avoid crowds of people".

Powerful explosions heard in Miykolaiv

Loud explosions were heard in the early hours of this morning in the Ukrainian city of Mukolaiv, according to Mayor Oleksandr Senkevich in a post on Telegram inviting the population to stay in shelters. The explosions were preceded by anti-aircraft sirens.


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