The hypothesis of an agreement between Israel and Hamas on a truce in Gaza is becoming increasingly distant , with the country led by Prime Minister Natanyahu who - for the moment - is not leaving for Cairo, effectively deserting the negotiations. Talks on a ceasefire and an exchange of prisoners are underway in the Egyptian city, in the presence of representatives of Hamas, Qatar, the USA and Egypt.

And if peace still seems like a mirage, Israel is currently grappling with a wave of resignations among army spokesmen . The number two spokesperson unit of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Hagar I, and a large number of senior officials of the IDF information system have announced their retirement. This was reported by the Israeli broadcaster Channel 14, according to which the phenomenon was due to "professional and personal" issues. For its part, the TV defines such a large-scale departure from the army in the midst of an ongoing war as "unusual". In addition to Hagari, the resignation would also concern the other lieutenant colonel Richard Hecht , IDF spokesperson for foreign media. Among others, there are also the names of officers Merav Granot and Tzupia Moshkovich .

In the meantime, the sad death toll from the conflict continues, with at least six Palestinians killed and several others injured in a new Israeli air raid that hit a residential building east of Rafah, in the southern Gaza Strip today. During the night, seven other people were killed in a bombing in the north of the Palestinian city.


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