The director of the Ukrainian nuclear power plant in Zaporizhzhia was arrested. This was declared on Telegram by Petro Kotin, president of the state energy company Energoatom.

According to Kotin, "yesterday afternoon the Russian forces stopped Igor Murashov on his way from the station to Energodar, he was blindfolded and taken away ." The director is the person who has the main and sole responsibility for nuclear safety and radiation at the plant. therefore, underlines Kotin, “ his detention represents a danger for the operation of the largest nuclear power plant in Europe.

In the last 24 hours , the attacks launched by the Moscow army have mainly targeted the Donetsk region , with over 50 actions and at least 4 civilians killed: "The troops of the Russian Federation are focusing on the complete occupation of the Donetsk region and the maintenance of the temporarily captured territories of Ukraine, as well as the interruption of the actions of the defense forces in some areas ", writes the General Staff of the Ukrainian army on Facebook.

"The Russians are also bombing the positions of Ukrainian troops along the line of contact, conducting aerial reconnaissance - says the army of Kiev -. The enemy is attacking civilian infrastructure and homes of the civilian population, violating the rules of International Humanitarian Law. , the laws and customs of war ".


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The day by the hour:

Kiev: "Ten children among civilians killed in Kharkiv"

There are at least ten children among the twenty Ukrainian civilians killed in the attack on the car convoy in which they were traveling in the eastern region of Kharkiv. This was reported by the head of the security services (Sbu) of Kiev, Vasily Malyuk, quoted by the Ukrainska Pravda.


Rapper commits suicide for not going to war

Shock in Russia for the suicide of young rapper Ivan Petunin, who took his own life in protest against the war: "I'm not ready to kill," he said in a video posted on social media before he died and went viral in everything the world. gave the news. Petunin, 27, called walkie, was born in 1995, had released his album Mental in 2018. Yesterday Ivan, who had served in the Russian army, posted a video on Telegram announcing the worst: "If you're watching this video I am no longer alive, I cannot take the sin of murder on my soul and I do not want to. I am not ready to kill for any ideal, "he said. He committed suicide in Krasnodar.


Kiev: "5 thousand Russian soldiers surrounded in Lyman"

"The troops of the Russian Federation, over 5 thousand soldiers, stationed in the eastern city of Lyman are surrounded by the Ukrainian army. They appealed to their leadership with a request to withdraw but the request was rejected by the commanders of the Federation". The head of the Lugansk military administration Sergiy Gaidai reported on Telegram, as reported by UNIAN. Ukrainian troops have cut off ground communications in support of the Russians in the Drobysheve-Liman area and taken control of the roads, the Russians do not have the opportunity to repeat the mass withdrawal as in the Kharkiv region.


Russian missiles hit civilian homes in Mykolaiv

The mayor of the southern city of Mykolaiv posted on social media the photos of the apartments on the top floors of a residential building destroyed by Russian missiles launched on the city this morning. "The houses were destroyed, the cars parked in the courtyard were damaged. In the neighboring houses the windows were blown out. The residents were unharmed," wrote Oleksandr Sienkevych on Telegram, quoted by Ukrinform. The two missiles hit a 10-story apartment building.

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