Esther Crawford is the new Director of Product Management at Twitter.

The woman's career took a leap after, on the same social network, the woman had published a photo of herself wrapped in a sleeping bag , asleep on the office floor .

“When your team is working hard to achieve a goal sometime #SleepWhereYouWork,” she commented. Her dedication to work - harshly criticized on the web by users who called her "sold out" - was instead appreciated by the new patron of the platform, Elon Musk , who promoted her by entrusting her with a top-level position.

On her website she describes her new job thus: «Hi, I'm Esther Crawford. I'm a Director of Product Management at Twitter. I'm currently in charge of diversifying income, as well as ad revenue . Twitter acquired my startup Squad in December 2020. On the weekends you'll likely find me hiking, attending a music festival, or hanging out with my family. Are you a journalist? Here are my photos that you can use.'

Esther Crawford (foto
Esther Crawford (foto
Esther Crawford (foto

The sketch, not without irony, depicts the figure of the woman - one of the very few in Musk's circle - who worked on the development of Twitter Blue , the subscription that allows users to receive the "famous" check that certifies the profile .

After the storm unleashed on the net, Crawford further commented on the photo that made her as famous as well as well liked and respected by her boss: « I love my family and I am grateful that they all understand that there are moments in which I have to give more to achieve a job goal. Not an easy job, mine. I am fortunate to be doing this work with some of the most knowledgeable people in the technology industry."


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