A serial rapist who ends up in a women's prison . Incredible but true, it happens in Scotland thanks to the gender self-identification law, which allows you to change your sex with a simple self -certification and without any medical diagnosis.

The case of Adam Graham, today Isla Bryson , is causing a lot of discussion.

Graham, now 31, groomed two vulnerable women online in 2016 and 2019, raped them and threatened their families .

Indicted in 2020, a few days before the start of the trial he announced that he had begun the transition, claiming that he had had problems with his sexual identity since he was a child. Today, we said, is Isla Bryson, after undergoing hormone treatment, and in the future she would like to complete the transition by undergoing surgery.

Graham or Bryson, if you prefer, was convicted of the stupid acts he committed two days ago, but by identifying himself as a woman he was assigned to a women's prison .

A case that has aroused indignant reactions, also because the Scottish law was approved in December in a sea of controversies, primarily those of feminists.

And now the case turns on again. JK Rowling , creator of Harry Potter, tweeted: “Do you agree that a convicted double rapist who has decided he is a woman after appearing in court goes to a women's prison? Or are you a bad far-right fanatic?”

Several Conservative opposition politicians have raised the case, and just recently the British government of Rishi Sunak announced it will veto Scots law, using power it has never used before .


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