Not a simple isolated case, but a scandal that seems destined to shake the very foundations of the European institutions.

We are talking about Qatargate , the investigation by the Brussels prosecutor's office which hypothesizes a round of bribes from Qatar involving, among others, the former vice president of the EU Parliament and Greek MEP Eva Kaili , the former MEP Antonio Panzeri and his wife and the latter's daughter.

At Kaili, during the searches, the investigators seized 750,000 euros , while 17,000 euros were found at Panzeri's house.

According to the investigators, the suspects would have received payments and gifts from the emirate to condition the positions and decisions of the European Parliament in favor of the same.

Meanwhile, while the hearing for those arrested is scheduled for Wednesday, Kaili's lawyer, Michalis Dimitrakopoulos , explained to Greek TV Open that his client "is innocent", assuring that "she has nothing to do with the Qatari bribes ».

However, the European Parliament has already approved his dismissal from the position of vice-president, with 625 votes in favour , only one against and two abstentions.

In the meantime, the investigations continue and, as mentioned, it is an earthquake. This is demonstrated by the words of Roberta Metsola , president of the European Parliament, who said she was "enraged and sorry" for what is emerging from the investigation. "EU democracy is under attack" , he added bluntly as he opened the plenary session in Strasbourg.

Metsola herself hinted that the investigation could pave the way for a profound reform in the transparency of documents and in relations with the MEPs' lobbies.


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