100 days before the start of the Paris Olympics , the terrorism alarm is growing.

So much so that Macron would be ready to give up what would be a "world first", i.e. an inauguration ceremony outside a stadium .

The French president announced it today in an interview with RMC Sport and BFM TV: plans B and C are already ready in case of excessive threats for the parade of boats on the Seine with athletes and delegations scheduled for 26 July.

The ceremony, Macron explained, could be "limited to the Trocaderò or brought back inside the Stade de France" .

The French president, speaking about the international risks and threats weighing on the inaugural ceremony on the Seine, tried to reassure a listener who, live, told him that she will not allow her son to go to the ceremony for fear of an attack.

«Madam – Macron replied – if there is a place where your son will be safe, it is there. We will have means of the information and intelligence services fully mobilized, we will establish an entire security perimeter around the ceremony from the previous days , even weeks and the police forces will be mobilized at an exceptional level".

Furthermore, Macron continued, " if we think that there are risks, we will have reserve scenarios, we have plans B and also plans C ". And at that point he evoked an opening ceremony which, in the event of a threat, could be limited to the Trocadéro or brought back to the Stade de France.

Macron also said he hoped for an "Olympic truce" in the ongoing conflicts in the Middle East and Ukraine . "I will ask Chinese President Xi Jinping to help me, we will work together for an Olympic truce."


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