"We are meeting in Bucharest at a critical moment for our security and today's message is clear: NATO is here, NATO is vigilant ". With his words , NATO secretary general Jens Stoltenberg - at the Aspen congress - left no room for any doubts regarding the intentions of the transatlantic organization towards the conflict in Ukraine.

“We will support Kiev to the end, we will not back down. Putin's war has not made us forget other partners, such as Georgia, Moldova and Bosnia-Herzegovina. Which we will support, so they can defend themselves,” he added. “If we let Putin win, we will all pay a much higher price for many years to come. Because the lesson learned by President Putin and other authoritarian leaders is that they can achieve their goals using brute force. Then they will be encouraged to use force even more. This will make our world more dangerous. And all of us more vulnerable», concluded the NATO secretary.

Meanwhile, the National Center of Resistance in Ukraine has announced that special units of the Russian Guard have arrived in the occupied Kherson region in the south of the country to recruit new conscripts to be sent to the front.

Moscow intends to carry out a mobilization in the occupied Ukrainian territories and on the left bank of the Dnipro River, units of the Russian riot police (OMON) from Dagestan have already arrived together with employees of the military enlistment offices of the self-proclaimed republics of Donetsk and Lugansk. According to the Center's report, it cannot be ruled out that all men, not just Russian passport holders, may be called up to take up arms and fight for the Kremlin : "The occupiers are not hiding that the personnel will be involved in the illegal recruitment of residents of the region with Russian passports in December». Hence the invitation addressed to the residents of the occupied territories to leave the region so as not to become an asset for Russia.

Meanwhile, darkness has returned overbearingly to Kiev. The Ukrainian electricity company Dtek announced this morning the resumption of power outages: «Starting today in Kiev, emergency power outages will resume, everything possible is being done to guarantee electricity to each user for 2-3 hours twice a day. The stabilization blackout programs don't work. As soon as we manage to rebalance the situation, we will return to the hourly plan," added the company.

The new UN figures are also causing concern. The United Nations Organization has announced that since the beginning of the Russian invasion at least 6,655 civilians have died and another 10,368 have been injured . The real figures are probably much higher, also because many reports of civilian casualties have yet to be confirmed.

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