Negotiations are increasingly uphill, and the truce in the Middle East that seemed possible "within 24-48 hours" risks disappearing in the Middle East .

Israel has decided not to send its representatives to Cairo , where representatives of Hamas, Qatar, the USA and obviously Egypt are present to negotiate on the truce and the release of the hostages.

Hamas, the Israeli media explain, forwarded "only partial responses and did not provide a list of hostages" , hence the decision not to send the delegation to Egypt. "Until we have concrete answers there is no point in sending someone to Cairo."

Among Hamas' requests are the return of displaced Palestinians to northern Gaza and an increase in humanitarian aid.

And in these hours of tension comes yet another appeal from Pope Francis : «I ask myself, do we really think of building a better world in this way? Do we really think we can achieve peace in this way? Please stop! Let's all say enough, Stop! I encourage you to continue negotiations for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza and throughout the region."


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