Are arson in Europe Russia's new weapon of war?

Security services across Europe are on high alert over the new threat after a spate of mysterious fires and infrastructure sabotage in the Baltics, Germany and the United Kingdom .

The Guardian reports this, recalling the large fire that broke out this month at the Ikea in Vilnius, Lithuania. Few commented on it, until Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk suggested that it could be the work of a foreign, particularly Russian, saboteur.

Investigators have already suggested potential Russian involvement in an arson attack in east London, a blaze that destroyed Poland's largest shopping centre, a sabotage attempt in Germany's Bavaria and anti-Semitic graffiti in Paris.

There is no evidence that these actions were directed or coordinated, but security services believe they could be part of a systemic attempt by Russia to destabilize the West and thus punish it for its support for Ukraine.


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