"A heroic operation". This is how Islamic Jihad defined the attack carried out in an Orthodox neighborhood of Jerusalem by a Palestinian bomber, who shot in front of a synagogue, killing at least seven people and wounding a dozen.

Hamas, on the other hand, claimed that it was "revenge for the dead in Jenin", with reference to the Israeli anti-terrorism blitz in which 9 Palestinians were killed.

Condemnations for the massacre and solidarity with Israel were instead expressed by the international community.

For US President Joe Biden , who telephoned Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, it was an "attack on the civilized world".

Messages of closeness to Israel also from Italy. "My condolences and my closeness reach the State of Israel and its people for this horrific terrorist attack that takes place on Remembrance Day," said Senate President Ignazio La Russa.

Just 14 hours later two Israelis were wounded in another bomb attack in Jerusalem. The bomber is a 13-year-old boy who allegedly opened fire on the slopes of the Old City walls in the mixed-population district of Silwan (City of David).


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