She was only one year old when she was kidnapped by her babysitter, after 51 years she found her family again .

It's the incredible story of Melissa Highsmith , which ended these days in South Carolina but began way back in 1971 in Fort Worth, Texas.

Her single mother placed an ad in the paper for a babysitter to look after little Melissa when she was at work. A woman replied to the advertisement: when she showed up , Melissa's mother wasn't there and it was the roommate who handed the little girl over to the babysitter, who has since disappeared .

Since then the family has never stopped looking for her and every year, on her birthday, they threw her a small party.

When all hope seemed lost, last September, the woman received an anonymous message . Melissa, it was read, was in Charleston, over 2,000 kilometers from the place where she was kidnapped.

Thanks to the DNA test and other tests, the family was certain that the now 52-year-old woman was Melissa . That way he was able to hug his mother again. Mystery instead on the babysitter, who has disappeared into thin air .


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