«The micro aerial vehicles were shot down without causing any victims or damage», said Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian, speaking of the attack against Isfahan attributed to Israel.

“The pro-Israeli media tried to make a victory out of their failure and exaggerate the issue,” Amirabdollahian told envoys of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation at the UN in New York. The head of Tehran's diplomacy reiterated that Iran is ready to decisively strike Israel if it takes measures against the Islamic Republic.

What seemed like an attack actually - according to observers - turned into a message.

Little damage, which Iran further downplays, and a clear warning that can be summarized as follows: «We can hit you whenever and wherever we want, this time we have been moderate. Let's end it here." In reality, Tel Aviv has not officially admitted anything but Israeli sources have leaked to the Washington Post that the attack is indeed a "signal" to Iran about its ability to reach anywhere within the country.

An unambiguous request came from the G7 in Capri, from the European Council in Brussels, from the White House which this time - contrary to what it is doing in Gaza - Israel has listened to. Also because, after the estrangement between the West and Israel due to the conduct of the war in the Strip, the Iranian attack had the effect of bringing the US and EU closer to Israel.


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