The toll, unfortunately still provisional, of the victims of Hurricane Ian in Florida has risen to over 40 .

After weakening on the mainland, Ian regained power in the Atlantic Ocean and returned to a Category 1 hurricane. It is now targeting South and North Carolina and other east coast states, also lapping the capital Washington. Tornadoes and flooding are also expected in Virginia.

American President Joe Biden approved the declaration of a state of emergency and assured all the support of the federal government and of the Fema, the US civil protection, as is happening in Florida.

This is where the situation is most dramatic: two million people have been left without electricity , thousands have been displaced.

In the port of the tourist city of Fort Myers , dozens of moored boats were overwhelmed and sunk , while connections with Pine Island and Sanibel Island were completely cut off.
Biden assured Florida families "all support" from his administration "for as long as it is needed." For Governor Ron DeSantis , the catastrophe of these days "is an event that happens once every 500 years, which has brought indescribable destruction". Experts say it could be the worst natural disaster in the history of the state.

The agency Fitch Ratings estimates the damage caused by hurricane between 25 and 40 billion dollars , less than the 65 billion of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, but much higher than the costs paid after the winter storm Uri (15 billion dollars in 2021) and Hurricane Ida ($ 36 billion in 2021).

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