A three-year-old boy died in Pennsylvania after he found a loaded semi-automatic pistol on the couch cushions of his home and shot himself.

As reported by the US media, the child's father, 28-year-old José Hilario Abreu, is accused of manslaughter . The man allegedly left the weapon on the cushions of the sofa on which his two children, Elijah Abreu Borgen and his two-year-old younger brother were sitting, then left the room.

Elijah found the loaded gun and accidentally fired a shot that hit him in the chest .

The father heard the shot and when he returned to the living room he found his son in a pool of blood. Prosecutors said the child was rushed to Lehigh Valley Hospital Cedar Crest but died from his injury.

Abreu was taken to the Lehigh County Jail to await a bond hearing scheduled for Friday.

The Pennsylvania incident follows other fatal shootings involving young children across the United States in recent months due to unattended guns : In February, a 3-year-old fatally shot himself in the head after finding a gun in his North North home. North Carolina. That same month, a woman died after a child in her car pulled the trigger of a gun in the parking lot of a Tennessee mall. In January, the parents of a 3-year-old boy who shot and killed his 2-year-old brother were charged with manslaughter in Kentucky.


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