Elon Musk attacks Apple claiming that the Cupertino company allegedly "threatened" to block Twitter , the platform he had just taken over, from its Apple Store without saying why.

“Did you know that Apple imposes a secret tax of 30% on anything you buy from their App Store?” adds the billionaire.

Noting that Apple has "practically almost completely stopped advertising" on the social network , the Tesla owner wonders if Cupertino "hates freedom of speech". Then he adds: “Who else has Apple censored?”.

Against Apple Musk then launches one of his popular polls and asks followers to express themselves on the possibility that Cupertino will be called upon to publish all the censorship actions taken that have had an effect on consumers.

The war launched by Musk against Apple comes as the flight of advertisers from the social network continues. According to Washington Post calculations, more than a third of Twitter's 100 advertisers have not advertised on the platform in the past two weeks .

Yet in the past Musk had looked to Apple as a possible savior for Tesla. In the blackest days for the Model 3 - Musk admitted in recent years - the billionaire had contacted Apple CEO Tim Cook to discuss the possibility that Cupertino would buy the electric giant. Cook however, Musk had said, refused the meeting.


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