Ukraine not only defends itself, but counterattacks, continuing to strike Russian territory with drones.

Above all, the airports are targeted by Kiev. The latest raid took place in the Kursk region, near the border between the two warring countries, where an airport was targeted where a fuel tank caught fire and burned for hours.

Two bases where strategic bombers are stationed were also hit, in the regions of Ryazan and Saratov , hundreds of kilometers from the front line, with a death toll of three soldiers and four wounded.

Attacks that further raise tension and which have led Moscow to announce its intention to take all "necessary measures to guarantee security" in the face of "Kiev's continuous terrorist attacks on Russian territory".

It is not clear whether the Ukrainian authorities have previously informed the Western allies of the raids carried out across the border.

For its part , the United States has distanced itself from the Kiev offensive on Russian territory. "We do not encourage Ukraine to strike beyond its borders", the US State Department said, underlining that "the weapons supplied to the Ukrainians were not intended to strike Russia but to defend themselves against aggression from Moscow".


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