Donald Trump is electable. This was established by the US Supreme Court , which accepted the appeal presented by the former president in Colorado, one of the 15 states voting tomorrow on Super Tuesday which could decide the Republican primaries.

The justices granted Trump's appeal of the Colorado Supreme Court's decision to ban him for his role in the storming of Capitol Hill under the 14th Amendment, which bars officials involved in insurrection against the Constitution from holding public office.

« States do not have the authority to remove a presidential candidate under the 14th Amendment. Only Congress has this power ", this is the reasoning of the judges.

The tycoon's eligibility had been challenged by a group of six voters - 4 Republicans and two independents - who were ruled in favor by the Colorado Supreme Court on December 19th. The decision was suspended pending an appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Today's ruling will also serve as a precedent for all other appeals pending in other states. Maine and Illinois, which had excluded Trump from the vote, will now have to adapt to the ruling of the nine wise men , who voted unanimously (there are six conservative and three progressive judges on the Supreme Court).

"A great victory for America", is Donald Trump's comment.

The Supreme Court will soon be called upon to resolve another issue, that of the presidential immunity invoked by the tycoon in the federal trial for attempts to subvert the vote in 2020, which culminated in the assault on Capitol Hill .


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