Bitter awakening for Ukraine , in the grip - since this morning - of an anti- aircraft alarm and a missile attack .

The red alert affects a large part of the country, including the capital Kiev . " Russia is preparing to launch a massive attack using planes and ships," the governor of the Odessa region, Maksym Marchenko, announced in the past few hours. As expected, Moscow's charge was not long in coming, with a missile offensive . "Kiev's army has already shot down the first missiles," wrote the head of the president's office Andriy Yermak on Telegram .

"The carriers that are now in the direction of Vinnytsia and the Kiev region could change their trajectory ", warn the military leaders who invite the population to "remain in shelters". "Some fly through the Kharkiv region, others through Vinnytsia in a westerly direction," the Ukrainian forces said in an update on social channels.

Sirens also blared in the Zhytomyr region, where Governor Vitaliy Bunechko asked residents to turn off lights and unnecessary electronic devices. Alarm also in the entire Mykolaiv area.

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