The municipal administration of Uri rejoices in the victory of fellow villager Rita Cuccuru at the Paris Marathon in the paralympic category.

An extraordinary result for the athlete born in 1977 who, at the age of 17, lost the use of his legs due to a road accident.

Since then, with great grit and determination, Rita Cuccuru has established herself in sport, becoming a Paralympic Triathlon athlete, also participating in the Tokyo Paralympics in 2021, finishing eighth in her discipline.

The Municipality of Uri expressed all its pride in a post on social media: «Our fellow villager Rita Cuccuru wins the Paris Marathon; on the podium with the inevitable flag of the four Moors to underline his indissoluble bond with our land. An honor for us to be able to boast among our fellow villagers a woman of such great tenacity who is distinguishing herself in the sporting field in an international context. Continue like this Rita, congratulations from the municipal administration and from all your fellow villagers."


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