The process of the Council's bill which provides for the ban on the installation of renewable energy systems on the island in the next eighteen months began this morning in the fourth and fifth commissions of the Regional Council.

For the occasion, the parliamentarians chaired by the five-star member Roberto Li Gioi (Urban Planning) and the dem Antonio Solinas (Production Activities and Industry) are brought together jointly. The hearings of the four competent councilors are now underway : Emanuele Cani (Industry), Rosanna Laconi (Environment), Francesco Spanedda (Urban Planning), Gianfranco Satta (Agriculture).

The bill "Urgent measures for the protection of the landscape, landscape and environmental assets" has eighteen articles , the objective is to strengthen the provision with some additions from the political groups of the Council which could relaunch the content of another legal text.

The one proposed by the committee for insularity which concerns the extension of the PPR to the entire regional territory within six months and the ban, in the meantime, on building new energy production plants from renewable sources.


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