«We are unable to calibrate the overflow in the lifting basin»: this is why, according to what was reported by a technician from Abbanoa who carried out an inspection in recent days, the purified water ends up in the sea, after having created a stream in the middle at the beach. A paradoxical story, in a period in which in many areas of Sardinia water consumption outside of the home is prohibited because there is no water in the basins.

It happens in via delle Pleiadi, in the Perla Marina communion of Santa Margherita di Pula. The administrator Beppe Kalb, who immediately took action to try to resolve the problem, told the story with indignation: «The lifting system is at kilometer 40.100 of State Road 195», he explains, «the technician who intervened after my report he said that it is calibrated on a specific catchment area, which in this period does not yet exist. So they are forced to throw away the water. According to what I was told", he concludes bitterly, "it is a possibility foreseen by the contract. But when does this contract date back? That water is paid for."

And it continues to flow, all the way to the sea. Unused.

Enrico Fresu

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